About Us

B.L.B.  Contracting  is  a  small Veteran  Owned  and Operated business  which is registered with a dun number. B.L.B has over 18  years  experience in  the  construction  field.  We are  Fully  Insured  and  Licensed. A  single  phone  call  for  all  of  your  needs.  We  are  an  honest  and  trustworthy  company  with  integrity  and  pride  in  our  trade.  Building,  repairing,  or  maintaining  jobs  on  time  to  a  high  quality  standard.  Meeting  ADA  standards. Doing  whatever  it  takes to  get  the  job  done  “Right”  whether it be  working off  hours  or  traveling  to  distant  locations.  We want to make your job easier and with less stress.